Lime plaster is a viable solution for residential and commercial applications. Because the finishes are so varied, beautiful and durable, they can be applied almost anywhere.

Our Italian Plaster (Venetian Plaster) can produce a variety of finishes. The applicator or artisan can provide finishes that range from matte to high gloss and from textured to smooth. 

Color selection has no limits, since each batch of product is custom tinted.  These special tints can provide the client with colors ranging from pure clean white to intense cobalt blue.  

Between the hand tinting of the plasters, the type of product used, and the application techniques of the artisans, each job is unique! The depth of movement, and reflective luster, achieved by using lime based plasters, can’t be emulated by using synthetic plasters.

Lime Plaster is a very versatile product. Plaster dries and cures to a very hard and resilient surface. As plaster cures it reverts back to it’s original state and hardens like stone. In it’s origin, plaster was mainly used as an exterior product. The modern day Venetian plaster was developed to coat the outside of the buildings in Venice, Italy. They were searching for a product that was both light in weight, and yet durable.

Multiple products and colors can be used, in different combinations, to achieve unique finishes. From high polished smooth finishes, to heavy textured stone finishes, everything and anything is possible!

Our finishes can be enhanced and aged by using special waxes. These waxes are imported from Italy and are compatible with the lime plaster.  

European Finishes uses special sealers and waxes when needed. This is only necessary for added protection when the circumstances warrant it.



European Finishes also specializes in the art of Faux Wood-Graining, (Faux Bois). We can transform ordinary walls and beams, constructed out of   drywall, into authentic looking wood! This illusion is possible by completing a multiple step process. 

We start by matching the wood tones, wood grain, and sheen levels, of existing cabinets, wood floors, furniture, etc.  Stains and glazes are then used to create our hand-painted, simulated wood finishes. A finished sample is prepared and shown to the client for approval, prior to starting.

European Finishes can transform ordinary aluminum garage doors into luxurious wood simulated doors!  Real wood garage doors require heavy-duty track mechanisms and motor, to support and move their weight. They are expensive and require expensive maintenance. Real wood doors are beautiful, but as an excellent second choice, Faux Wood Graining is pretty good!


Stone Work