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Longboat Key House (Whitehead Construction)

European Finishes llc. had the privilege of working on this very beautiful home built by Whitehead Construction. This majestic, beachfront home is located on prestigious Longboat Key, FL. The entire exterior of over 16,500 square feet, of walls and ceilings, was plastered with authentic lime plasters, imported from Italy. The homeowner carefully coordinated the interior with an abundance of cherrywood walls, wooden floors, and venetian plaster walls. The home wraps itself around an amazing 24 foot dome ceiling, that is accented with venetian plaster. European Finishes applied a smooth tone on tone "Intonachino Liscio" finish that is highlighted with indirect LED lighting.

Bird Key House (Whitehead Construction)

European Finishes worked on a residential home on prestigious Bird Key, Sarasota, Florida. The entire exterior approximately 16,000 square feet of surface space, was finished with authentic Venetian Lime Plaster. European Finishes' plasters are imported from Italy, and are hand-troweled, using special techniques.

Tampa International Airport

Alfonso Architects, along with the Beck Group, selected to use Venetian plaster on the oculus in the main ceiling above the escalator. European Finishes used a technique of multiple layers, of a high polished Venetian plaster, to achieve a bright and opulent reflective quality. This technique, provided this enormous, free form, cylindrical ceiling, known as an oculus, with a stunning finish that all travelers can enjoy! This ceiling can be seen at Airside F, at Tampa International Airport.

Todd Johnston Homes

European Finishes provides our services to custom builders such as Todd Johnston. In today's economy, homebuyers are being more selective and are searching for builders that can provide quality, well built homes, at competitive prices. Using authentic Venetian plaster on their walls and ceilings, provides these builders with finishes that stand out and make their homes memorable. The quality, and durability, of authentic Venetian plaster, should enhance and increase the value of most homes. It's this attention to details that can separate good builders from their competitors.

Carmel Cafe

Carmel Cafe, is a new and upcoming restaurant. They integrated our authentic Venetian plaster, with walls of wood, stone, and panels of steel. Our plaster was done with deep bright orange-red and cobalt blue colors to help enhance the warm and cozy ambience. Our finishes can be seen on select walls, as you first arrive at the restaurant, or sit at the massive and stunning bar.

Chihuly Collection / Morean Arts Center

Our Venetian plaster adorns some of the interior and exterior walls of the prestigious Chiluly Collection presented by Morean Arts Center, located in St. Petersburg, Florida. The highly acclaimed, Alfonso Architects, designed and built the museum. Albert Alfonso, used pure white and cobalt blue, high polished Venetian plaster to serve as a backdrop for Chihuly's amazing glass blown sculptures. He chose a bright orange-red to accent the main entrance.

Bella House (Lee Wetherington Homes)

This gorgeous, waterfront home, was built by the well-known custom builder, Lee Wetherington. European Finishes was hired to enhance its walls and ceilings with authentic Italian plaster. We also provided our client with faux bois (wood graining), to simulate wood beams. The dining room ceiling was accented with stenciling, done with plaster and enhanced with faux glazing. Our client, purchased a mirror that did not match the existing furniture, and had us re-finish it to match. We also faux glazed some domes that serve as a back drop to lighting fixtures. A medallion of a light fixture in the breakfast room was antiqued to match the fixture. The reflective quality of some our finishes, enhanced the ceilings and walls, and even reflected the image of their yacht, docked in their backyard!

Ricciardelli House

European Finishes provided the Ricciardellis, with an interesting blend of Venetian Plaster and Faux Glazing. Their stunning foyer, with its’ high ceilings and huge walls, were done in a classic Marmorino finish. We enhanced this Marmorino finish by waxing it to provide extra sheen. The huge formal dining room, with its massive high ceilings, accented with beautiful crown moulding, were done in a high polished Venetian finish. The entire kitchen, breakfast area, hall, stairs and downstairs area, were distressed with natural, Italian waxes, blended with tints imported from Italy. The Living room and bar area were faux glazed to coordinate with the Venetian plaster. We also provided our client with a substantial amount of faux wood graining. Finally to add a special touch to this project, we faux glazed some furniture, picture frames and even re-finished their billiard table to match existing furniture.